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Funding & Recognition

Funding opportunities, grants, and recognition awards.

Art Grant from Crayola

Jun 01, 2017


Grants for Arts-Infused Education

In collaboration with the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), Crayola offers a grant program entitled Champion Creatively Alive Children.

Media Literacy Award

Jun 01, 2017


Award for Exemplary Media Literacy Practice

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) will present the NCTE Media Literacy Award to an individual, team, or department that has implemented and refined exemplary media literacy practices in their school environment.

Digital Learning Underserved

Jun 01, 2017


Digital Learning Centers for At-Risk Children

The After School Advantage (ASA) Program is the signature education program and flagship community involvement initiative of IGT Global Solutions Corporation. The program strives to close the “digital divide” for disadvantaged children who get left behind because they don’t have the means to access computers in today’s increasingly digital society.

Peer Teaching Research

Jun 01, 2017


Grants for Classroom Research Projects

Through its Action Research Project Awards for Teachers, the Hoenny Center for Research and Development in Teaching offers grants of up to $500 to support a maximum of five classroom research projects that involve gathering and summarizing data related to a professional question of interest to the teacher within the general area of peer teaching and learning in the classroom.

Accessible Golf Grants

May 18, 2017


Inclusive Opportunities to Play Golf

Based on the belief that golf should be open to everyone, the National Alliance for Accessible Golf, with support from the United States Golf Association, administers a variety of programs that create opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in the sport through Grants for the Good of the Game.

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