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Social Media literacy, online communication, and online safety.

Student Privacy and Security

Sep 22, 2017


Keep It Safe; Keep It Private.

When I first started teaching 29 years ago, being safe and secure meant having fire drills and locking windows and doors at the end of the day. How times have changed! Today, digital privacy and security have been added to the physical safety of schools. Students are becoming increasingly savvy with technology, but they may not always realize how public their online information is. Because of this, educators must learn how to teach their students online security and safety.

Scholarships for Undocumented DACA

Sep 21, 2017


Scholarship Network for Undocumented Students

As a high school senior, Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca did not know if she could afford to go to college. She was an undocumented student with limited options to make money.

Social Platform

Sep 15, 2017


Virtual Afterschool Program to Build STEM Skills

WidgetWatch is an online afterschool program created by Fidgits 2 Widgets that leverages students’ interest in technology to keep them learning. With a STEM-based curriculum, WidgetWatch teaches students to tinker, design, and create using emerging digital technologies.

Story and Drawing Apps

Sep 15, 2017


Video Chats Encouraging Reading and Drawing

Instead of just talking during a video chat, young children can read, draw, and play over video calls or through messaging, using Kindoma’s Storytime and Drawtime apps for iOS.

Personal Safety App

Sep 15, 2017


Personal Safety in Precarious Situations

Created by sexual assault survivors, the Circle of 6 app for iOS and Android was born out of the White House’s “Apps Against Abuse” challenge in 2011.

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