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Online Homework Support

Nov 15, 2017


Study and Research Boosters

World Book, Inc. has launched World Book World of Wisdom (WOW), where children aged 8–14 can go for fun learning, reading, and homework support. WOW is a child's individualized virtual play and learning space.

Physics App

Nov 15, 2017


Physics in Hand

Students can turn their smartphones into a robust piece of data collection equipment with the MyTech app designed for iOS and Android. Ideal for a physics lab environment, the app allows students to analyze the motion of the device using raw data from the phone’s internal sensors as the phone falls, spins, or collides with springs.

Nov 15, 2017


New App from Sprint Safe and Found

Sprint recently launched Safe & Found, a feature-rich family services app designed to give parents the ability to view their child’s smartphone location—to help ensure that children are safe and to provide greater control over internet browsing and app usage. The website provides details on how Safe & Found can give family members peace of mind.

1:1 Initiative One Year Later

Nov 03, 2017


1:1 Instruction: A Letter to My Former Self

Dear 2013 Me,

I know you are very prepared and working hard to make everything perfect. But a lot has changed over the past four years, and I wanted to write you this letter to share advice on topics that you may not have thought of.

Social Media Contract

Nov 01, 2017


Social Media Contract

Freely downloadable from the iMom website, a social media contract between children and their parents establishes ground rules for how to stay safe online, what can be shared and not shared, what to do or not to do to be a good digital citizen, and what consequences result from violating the established rules.

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