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Space Game Virtual Reality

Jun 01, 2017


Virtual Reality Tour of the International Space Station

What’s life like aboard the International Space Station (ISS)? Thanks to a virtual reality tour, students can step aboard this floating lab and virtually explore the station and its mind-boggling views.

Girls Women Technology STEM

Jun 01, 2017


Hands-on Workshops to Spur Interest in Tech Fields

ChickTech offers events that encourage women and girls to enter the field of technology, giving support and empowerment to those hoping to turn their interest in technology into a career.

Augmented Reality Environmental Game

Jun 01, 2017


Augmented Reality Environmental Gaming Platform

EduCycle challenges students to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions in the United States to the level specified in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change—26 percent below 2005 CO2 levels by 2025.

Bullying Monitor

Jun 01, 2017


App for Communicating Inappropriate Behaviors

With the STOPit app for iOS and Android, users can anonymously report incidents of inappropriate conduct or safety concerns, such as harassment, bullying, ethics or compliance violations, weapons possession, hazing, safety hazards, threats, assault, or other illegal activity.

Quill Education Resources

May 15, 2017

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Essential Classroom Resources

Through relevant webinars on topics such as “Teaching with Technology,” “Tech As a Learning Tool,” and “Creating Brain-Friendly Classrooms,” Quill reaches out to educators to support their daily needs.’s Education Resource Center puts teachers in touch with grants to expand their special programs, awards to recognize their efforts, and sources to enrich STEM programs. Bookmark this growing resource as a daily companion, as well as a source to explore more than 85,000 classroom essentials.

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